The scholars failed to vary in this particular issues anyway as there was ijmaa€? of the ban of congratulating non-Muslims for their holidays

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The scholars failed to vary in this particular issues anyway as there was ijmaa€? of the ban of congratulating non-Muslims for their holidays

The scholars failed to vary in this particular issues anyway as there was ijmaa€? of the ban of congratulating non-Muslims for their holidays

Refutation of Bin Bayyah/Hamza Yusuf

Upon even more examination and investigation from the assertion of container Bayyah, I discovered that his claims are generally imprecise and inaccurate in several ways:

The students would not are different for this problems whatsoever as there was ijmaa€? the prohibition of congratulating non-Muslims on the family vacations. This consensus got noted by Ibn al-Qayyim when he explained, a€?Congratulating the non-Muslims on the rite that belong just to these people try haram by consensus (on the students) snapmilfs dating apps.a€? 16 as a result, this ijmaa€? that was proven can not be destroyed under any circumstance as it is reputed some of the scholars of fiqh and usul. And then for those who claim that ijmaa€? was not well established about problem, then your burden of verification lays upon them to establish her report. Neither container Bayyah nor any of the people modern-day scholars giving fatwa of permissibility have demostrated anything that would nullify the assertion of ijmaa€? by Ibn al-Qayyim.

In reality, there are just two viewpoints into the madhhab of Imam Ahmad, haram and makruh, rather than three as trash Bayyah specified. Further, the situation of the two suggestions within the madhhab wasn’t in regard to congratulating kuffar on the fests, but alternatively it had been in the context of congratulating these people on non-religious pleased situations, as Ibn al-Qayyim mentions. Likewise, al-Mardawi shows, a€?The 2nd opinion usually it isn’t prohibited but disliked as documented when you look at the guides of Ria€?ayah and al-Hawiyayn from inside the chapter of janaa€™iz.a€? 17 Al-Mardawi proceeds on to quote the instance of the Prophet i·? coming to the sick Jewish girl to ensure that he might recognize Islam. Hence, it could be believed really that perspective of makruh had not been regarding congratulating non-Muslims on the festivals and vacations however with regard to visiting them when include sick or normal hello on non-religious business.

With regard to Ibn Taymiyyah selecting the advice of permissibility in congratulating non-Muslims on their celebrations, this really misleading and incorrect as al-Mardawi states the framework where Ibn Taymiyyah selected this a€?permissibilitya€™ by exclaiming: a€?It (visiting the company’s ill) is actually permissible for an apparent maslahah (overall great) for example the hope that they’re going to recognize Islam. This viewpoint was liked by Ibn Taymiyyah.a€? 18 likewise, just how can it is possible for Ibn Taymiyyah to select the advice of permissibility as he certainly and unequivocally was with the thoughts that congratulating and participating over these festivals, aside from they being religious or non-religious, is completely forbidden? 19 Furthermore, for container Bayyah to mention that Ibn Taymiyyaha€™s a€?confirmeda€™ view is the fact of permissibility is incredibly deceptive, because his own a€?confirmeda€™ opinion is what was relayed by your on his widely known masterwork, Iqtidaa€™ al-Sirat al-Mustaqim fi Mukhalafati Ashab al-Jaa??im, and is entirely and entirely centered on the issue of congratulating and partaking inside festivals of non-Muslims.

Suhaib Webb

The type of which permitted congratulating non-Muslims on their celebrations is Suhaib Webb. On December 26, 2012 he placed on his or her personal Facebook page exactly what can be viewed a justification for greeting non-Muslims on Christmas time and brand-new Yeara€™s. The man says:

The American Fatwa Council; containing 20 regarding the worlda€™s ultimate Muslim Jurists, stated that it’s allowable to welcome consumers on these days (swap products also) if it doesn’t need approving any creedal differences between usa, or open bad (taking for example). This basically means, an uncomplicated satisfied family vacations is absolutely not a sin or planning to take see your face regarding Islam. Truly revealed with real restaurants that Ali (ra) celebrated the Persian new-year, actually ingesting ice-cream with Imam Abu Hanifaa€™s comparative. Some of the fatwa offered by genuine individuals are grounded on an age of empire and warfare (the crusades) or a cultural fact it does not in shape ours inside the West. Most importantly, someone should inquire those that use keywords like a€?harama€? a€?kufura€? a€?Halala€? and a€?encourageda€? about their spiritual practise. Crying and more than taken emotionalism don’t equivalent education and grant. Allah is aware very best. (Webb, 2012).

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